Hi there friends! Have you ever seen someone in tv shows or movies washing their dogs? If you answered yes, you'd agree that they appear to like what they're doing. Every dog is peculiar. Some dogs enjoy baths, while others prefer not to have their heads wet at all. In reality, most dogs do not like having water splashed on their heads. If you've ever wondered how to properly bathe a dog, well, this is for you. Let’s get the ball rolling!


1. Prepare Necessary Things That You Need

The secret to washing a dog is to plan ahead of time. Nothing is more annoying than a wet dog following you around the house as you look for towels. First things first, prepare the tools and materials you will need like soft, absorbent towels, brushes and combs that are appropriate for your dog's coat type. Next, bath mat, apron and shampoo that is suitable for your dog. Lastly, blow dryer, your dog’s clothes, collar and leash and anything additional that you require. With great preparation, everything will be done smoothly.


2. Get Your Dog Ready For The Bath

Brushing your dog's coat before bathing is an excellent practice, especially if they have a thick layer of coat. Comb your dog before beginning the bath to remove any tangles or mats, since they will be more difficult to deal with after your dog is wet. Implementing this step will prevent harming the skin of your dog. Then, for each eye, apply a strip of artificial tears ointment or a few drops of mineral oil as this will help keep the shampoo out of your eyes. You don’t want to harm your dog’s eyes that might lead to serious infection.


3. Introduce The Water and Get Your Dog Wet

Before using it on your dog, always test the temperature on your arm. Starting at the back of your dog, wet them with lukewarm water. Dogs' skin is delicate, and water that is too hot or cold might dry it off. Save your dog's head for last, both to avoid soap getting in their eyes and because many dogs despise that portion the most. Because many dogs' coats are water-resistant, a thorough soaking is frequently required to permeate the hair. Avoid contact with the eyes and the insides of the ears. Your dog will naturally try to shake off the water. Keeping a hand on top of your dog’s head may help avoid this.

 4. Shampoo, Scrub and Massage

Regardless of how "natural" your own shampoo is, be sure to always utilize dog-specific shampoo because dog's skin is not the same as ours. To prevent using too much shampoo, use modest quantities at a time. Make a lather with the shampoo. For several minutes, rub, scrape, and massage your dog. You can use your fingers just like the way you wash your own hair. Remember to clean the feet as well. Allow the shampoo to sit on your dog's coat for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing and take advantage of this opportunity to clean your dog's ears.

5. Rinse and Dry!


Apply a trickle of water on your dog's coat, being careful not to get it in his eyes or ears. Rinse all shampoo from your dog's coat thoroughly and clean your dog's feet as well as any skin folds or crevices. It is necessary that all shampoo residue be removed from your dog. Then, take a step back and give your dog a few good shakes. After which, towel-dry your dog's coat to remove any extra water. You might consider using a blow-dryer with a low or no heat setting, if he is able to tolerate it. Brush your dog's coat well, when it has fully dried. Try to restrict your dog from going outdoors until it's completely dry by giving them their favorite treats.


Now You'll Have a Clean and Great Smelling Pup!

And there you have it fur parents! You and your dog will have a pleasant experience now that you know how to properly bathe him. It may take some time, but with repetition, dog’s bath time will be part of the routine. With these steps in mind, you'll be prepared for a stress-free, comfortable, and effective dog-bathing experience! And remember, if you’re out hunting for your new furry friend, always consider adopting one first!


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