Hi there friends! I know that every new pet parent’s ideal is to have a well-trained dog. Of course, mistakes may occur while your dog learns, but if you know how to properly educate and redirect a dog, you’ll have the best-behaved pooch on the block. So here are 5 tips on how you may discipline your dogs in the right way. Do FEEL FREE to SHARE THIS with ANYONE who might NEED a little HELP with their dogs!


1. Pampering Good Behaviors

Treat them whenever they behave well. In contrast to the idea of punishment when they did something wrong, treat them whenever they do a good deed. Positive conduct that follows a correction should be rewarded just as much as the correction itself. Toys, rewards, or physical love can all be used if they are valuable to your dog. If you do it correctly, your dog will rapidly realize that he should execute the rewarding behavior rather than the incorrect one. There are several methods to positively encourage good behaviors and the more you reward your dog when he does something well, the more he will strive to obey and keep you pleased.


2. Keep Consistency

To properly remove a poor habit or behavior, you must discipline your dog in the same manner each and every time. To make these corrections, you must be highly consistent with your approach. Rules and routines should be established and finalized, and every member of the family should be aware of them. Once it has been established, there are no exceptions to the rule. If your dog isn't permitted on furniture, he won't be able to go up there. Consistency and persistence will help you arrange your dog's training so that he understands exactly what is expected of him.


3. Develop Eye Contact While Sternly Saying “No”

Dogs are very intelligent beings and can tell when you are unhappy by the tone of your voice. You want to speak to them severely enough so they understand what they are doing is bad, but you don't want to shout at them too much such that they are afraid of you and see you as a source of pain. You must know yelling can cause stress or thrill to your dog, encouraging undesirable or unwanted behaviors. For example, If you see them chewing on a pillow, take it away from them, make eye contact with them, and say "No" firmly.

 4. Sit Command

Say sit immediately after saying no. This offers your dog something to do except the nasty thing. When they sit, they usually can't do whatever it was you didn't like. "Sit" is an essential basic dog training command that every dog should understand. It is a method of assisting your dog in settling down and focusing on you. The training can also aid in the development of the foundation for commands such as "stay" and other more sophisticated ones. The important thing is for your dog to identify the term with the activity.

5. Practice Time Outs


I'm sure you will never want to have to put your dog in time out, as this should only be used as a last resort. Use it only if none of the other ways indicated above are working. Set aside a room or a small space for your dog's time out. It can be the bathroom or the laundry area. Make sure the room is small enough so they don't have too much area to run about in. This gives your dog a sense of restriction, and they will quickly pick up that this is an undesirable situation. Or if you are halfway through an activity, you may also cease playing or socializing with your dog for a few minutes.


You are now an Adept in Dog Discipline!

You cannot deny the fact that training your dog is never easy. Training is a process that integrates committing yourself and a lot of patience. Keep in mind that harming them should not be your solution and instead give them affection and attention like humans. Disciplining your dog does not always have to be a bad thing. Dogs require structure in their life, and establishing discipline in your family will benefit both you and your dog. What techniques of discipline do you employ? Let us know in the comments section below! As always if you are looking to get a pet, always consider adopting one first!


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