5 Mistakes Cat Owners Make

5 Mistakes Cat Owners Make

Hi there friends! Do you want to adopt a cat or currently have one? Are you unsure if you’re taking good care of them? Although cats are pretty simple to care for, there are some common mistakes cat owners make. So here are 5 examples while caring for one. If you think this information might be good for someone who own cats, then YOU MUST SHARE THIS WITH THEM!


1. Treating a Cat as You Would a Dog

In contrast to dogs, most cats by nature, hunt alone and do not live in a pack. Therefore, they are more self-sufficient than dogs and do not need as much attention. Although this may not be true to all breeds of cats, if you are looking for a loyal and submissive companion, who loves you unconditionally, you are generally better off giving your love to a dog.


2. Not Disciplining Your Cat

Cats are more difficult to train than dogs. Therefore, the importance of forming the bond between cat and owner is much more crucial. Cats are not as submissive as dogs, and require lots of time playing with them. You need to gain their trust before they will listen and you will need to correct them without the use of force, unlike dogs who will still love you no matter what.


3. Not Vaccinating the Cat

Vaccinations serve the purpose of protecting the cat from viruses and diseases, especially when they interact with other species of animals with unknown health and vaccination status. A vaccinated cat not only prevents itself from falling ill, but also prevents it from being a host of sickness to other animals. Even if the cat is kept indoors all the time, they are still susceptible to infection through air transmission or objects that the owners bring home. Therefore, the collective effort of all owners to vaccinate their pets, let alone cats, will help to keep our little feline safe and sound.

 4. Not Avoiding Hairballs

When it comes to feeding our little furry friends, there isn’t much to go wrong about. Except that it would be great to add digestive enzymes to their feed, to reduce the accumulation of hairballs. These enzymes help to break down the hair that is consumed in their digestive system. This also helps them to make their food easier to digest and absorb. Too much hairball in the system will cause digestive issues and if the passageways get clogged up, it can be fatal without surgery.

5. Adopting the Cat When It is Too Young


Another mistake that cat owners make is to adopt a cat right after birth. Ideally, one should only adopt the cat after the weaning period, which should take 6-10 weeks. This will give the kitten the necessary nutrients required for proper growth in the early stages of its life. Within this period, the kitten can also pick up and familiarize themselves with valuable cat specific characteristics and traits that they learn from their mother. This ensures a proper childhood for the kitten as they prepare to live in the World out there.


Now You Won't Have to Worry About Making These Simple Mistakes Again!

So here are 5 mistakes that homeowners might make when keeping a cat as a pet. Are you guilty of any of them? Or do you know someone who might benefit from this video, please share this with them! And remember, if you are currently out to bring a kitten home, always consider adopting one first.


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