5 Mistakes That Shorten Your Pet's Life

5 Mistakes That Shorten Your Pet's Life

Hi there friends! Most of us have pets that we adore in our lives, and we try to give utmost care and a safe environment for them. However, at the end of the day, we are just human, and we might occasionally unwittingly make mistakes that endanger our precious pets. I've seen that the majority of people's blunders are the direct outcome of lack of information. Therefore, today I'm going to inform you about 5 typical blunders that might be harmful to your pets. If you know anyone who should know about this, PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH THEM!


1. Neglecting Vet visits

Most pet owners believe that they only need to see a doctor when they’re pets are unwell. This is incorrect. You should practice regular visits to the vet to monitor their overall health. Pets, especially those above the age of 7, should have bi-annual or yearly checkups. It's a good idea to keep track of your pets' health throughout their lives as it may help you detect any illnesses or problems in their early stages. They can also help you fine-tune your pet's diet and activity to ensure that they are getting all of the nutrients and exercise that they require for a long and healthy life.


2. Feeding table leftovers

The digestive systems of humans and pets are significantly different. The foods humans eat are just not suitable for pets. I know it's difficult to ignore those huge puppy eyes or that menacing feline gaze. Aside from the fact that feeding your pets fatty table scraps adds needless calories to their diet, it also causes pancreatitis. Many meals used by humans are highly heavy in carbohydrates and fats for a pet. Foods containing chocolate, onion, garlic and even nuts can be poisonous to pets. But each time you say “NO,” tell yourself that you're doing what's best for your pet.


3. Compromising bathing and dental hygiene

Aside from feeding unhealthy foods, another common mistake that might cause health problems in your pet is poor cleanliness. Poor hygiene might put you at danger of contracting some infections from your pet. Bathe your pets on a regular basis taking into consideration the water temperature, right choice of shampoo, and even more importantly, brush their teeth. Oral bacteria may trigger a wide range of health issues in dogs, including chronic infections and heart valve difficulties. Though it may be a little perplexing at first, your pet will ultimately become used to it.

 4. Letting pets out unattended

When you let your pet run free without checking up on him, you open the door to all sorts of accidents. There are opportunistic individuals, automobiles, and other predators around. Even if your dog is tagged and marked, do not leave it unsupervised on the streets. Keep your dog on a leash whenever you go for a stroll outside. When you accompany your dog out for a walk, be a responsible parent and keep a watch on it while it is playing or wandering around. If you spot a possible predator close, take your dog immediately. You don’t have any clue on what might happen to your pet.

5. Not showing enough love and attention


Pets can get unhappy and develop issues such as separation anxiety and depression if they do not receive the care they require. These issues can have a serious impact on their health and take years off their lives. If you do not properly treat your pet, they will become aggressive, fearful, and rebellious. Pets, too, crave for more affection like humans. Therefore, take care of your dogs and show them how much you love them. Your dog will lavish you with far more affection than you give it. In short, remember that "a happy pet is a healthy pet."


Now you know what not to do!

There you go pet parents. Were you aware of all the above mistakes? Have you been consciously avoiding them? If not, give it some thought and take note not to do them again. As always, if you are thinking of getting yourself a new pet, do consider adopting one first. Thank you for watching!


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