Hi there friends! We all know that cats are the second most domesticated pets after dogs. But did you know that some cats can even cost above $100k? In this article, we will talk about the 5 most expensive cat breeds in the World! If you find this article interesting do remember to share this with your friends!!!


5. Sphynx

The Sphynx is recognized for its hairless appearance, which is a result in a spontaneous genetic mutation that created a healthy and hardy breed. Some might think that this breed is a long existing breed related way back to the Ancient Egyptian history, but this breed actually traces its origins to Canada in 1966. This breed doesn’t have any severe hereditary or health problems. Their personality is being devoted, lively and appreciative of human attention. They are also comfortable with living under the same roof with other breeds of cats and dogs. Sphynx can cost up to $3000.


4. Persian

The Persian has evidently been around since the time of Christ. The wide and pansy faces along with their silky long hair differentiates them amongst other cats. They also have a mild and pleasant character and are easily adaptable to most households. Persians are lively and outgoing in nature and their beautiful eyes give them a lovely and endearing look. However, due to their long fur, it is common that hairballs and tangles occur. Thus, they do require somewhat higher grooming maintenance. The Persian Cat can cost up to around $5000.


3. Bengal

The Bengal Cat has a very distinctive look, which looks like a leopard pup from afar. This is due to the breeding caused by other domestic cats such as the Egyptian Mau and the Asian Leopard Cat. This creates a highly desirable and unique look for the Bengal, which resembles their wild counterparts. It is definitely going to wow your visitors at house gatherings, I mean look at him! Bengals are strong, energetic and intelligent. Thus, their curiosity level is off the charts, which may make them a little hard to maintain in the house, as they will attempt to leap off from appliances, switches, wardrobes and even chandeliers, just to satisfy themselves. A stunning Bengal with the perfect desirable traits can cost up to $25,000 in the market.

 2. Savannah

The Savannah Cat is a hybrid of the African Serval and the Persian cat. They were first created in 1986. Savannah Cats are amazingly loyal pets, just like dogs. They measure to between 14 and 17 inches tall. They are able to be trained at a young age, to be comfortable with other pets and strangers. Savannahs who encounter unfamiliar guests will tend to snarl and hiss, just like a protective dog. They are very strong and are able to leap up to very high heights. Your refrigerators and high cabinets are not safe from it. With its athletic ability, comes a high level of daily exercise requirement. You will hardly see a Savannah lying around. Savannahs are considered hybrid cats and therefore may not be legal in certain states in America. If you plan on getting one, do remember to check the local laws that govern your state before making the decision. Savannahs are priced according to their types between F1 and F5. Where F1 is about 50% Serval and F5 is about 10% Serval. An F1 female Savannah can command up to $50,000, which makes them the second most expensive cat in this list.


1. Ashera


The Ashera is a very rare, lab-bred breed of cats designed by the company Lifestyle Pets. They were only available recently in the past decade or two. They are very similar to the Savannah Cats, holding ancestry from the African Wild Cat, the Asian Leopard Cat and some other domestic cats. The reason why they are so expensive is because only 5 cats are produced each year. The Ashera can grow up to almost 5 feet long and weigh between 26 and 33 pounds. That is almost as tall as a person, when it stands on its hind legs! There are 4 main categories of Ashera Cats. The Common Ashera, the Hypoallergenic Ashera, the Snow Ashera and the Royal Ashera. The Hypoallergenic Ashera is specially bred for people who are allergic to cats while the Snow Ashera is mostly white with patches of amber. The most expensive Ashera is the Royal Ashera which has a more distinctively intense fur colour. This Royal variant can fetch a price of up to $120,000. There is much controversy about the Ashera being a breed of its own, as they are very similar to Savannahs. Since 2010, the company has stopped breeding cats. However, there’s no getting over the fact that they are the most expensive domestic cats that money could buy.


Will you take home any of these felines?


 So here are the top 5 cats in terms of price. Is it really worth the money? What cats do you own? Let us know in the comment section below, as we are very eager to know! And remember, if you are looking to bring your new feline home, always consider adopting one first!


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