Hey there friends! When it comes to dog breeds, we are all going to definitively “love and adore” a Labrador! The Labrador is the most popular dog breed in the World! But is it really for you? If you are considering a Labrador or know anyone who is, then you MUST share this article with them!!!


1. Apartments ain’t gonna cut it

The Labrador retriever or Labs, is typically a medium to large sized dog. It is friendly and active in nature. With that, it definitely needs a lot of both indoor and outdoor space. Although it might be able to fit in your apartment when it’s a young pup, it would quickly outgrow the space it needs. Therefore, it is more suited for landed homes with a respectable yard, as it gives it ample space to move about and loosen up.


2. The Sociable King

Labradors are one of the most sociable dogs! They love to be around you all the time! They are kind of like the gentle giant, whose large size might seem intimidating at first. But those who own one knows how great they are with everyone. They are great with the family, kids, other dogs and even strangers. It wouldn’t take long for them to befriend even your long lost cousins! And with that, that makes them horrible guard dogs. They just can’t wait to greet your intruders and make them feel at home.


3. Labradors are relatively high maintenance

Labradors are large and active dogs which require loads of energy. They need to exercise everyday to expand all its reserves. Thus they do have an above average dietary requirement, and have a potential to put on too much weight if unwatched. So do be careful to control its diet. In addition, Labradors with their long fur also tend to shed quite a bit, especially during the springtime and just before and during wintertime. So if you intend to keep it indoors, a portable handheld vacuum would be a very handy tool in your arsenal!

 4. Labradors are extremely intelligent and is the perfect military cadet

Labradors are amongst the top tier of being the most trainable dogs in the World. They are very intelligent and are able to learn things very quickly. That is why Labradors fight side by side with the American soldiers, where they take up mostly support roles, due to their gentle nature. They use their elevated sense of smell, to help discover injured soldiers and enemies. And with their extremely sociable nature, they too help relieve the stress levels of soldiers in the field, by providing comfort in companionship. This also resonates with people who are looking to have an active and lovable companion to get over the grief of the loss of a loved one, which they can focus their love and attention on. Labradors are also trained to be guide dogs. They are able to visually recognise key locations en-route and guide the visually impaired home.


5. The perfect running companion

Since Labradors are extremely active dogs and need at least 30 to 60 mins of outdoor activity a day, there isn't a better reason to get out there and lose those calories when you have a Labrador retriever. It will be able to accompany you on your longest runs and guide you all the way home when you are totally exhausted.


So is the Labrador for you?

So these are 5 key characteristics and facts about the Labrador Retriever. If these things fit your criteria as your perfect companion, then the Labrador Retriever might just be for you. As always, if you are looking to get one, always consider adopting one first.


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