Adopt or Shop??

Adopt or Shop??

Hello there, aspiring pet parents! Bringing a pet into the family is a significant emotional investment. Every pet is deserving of a loving home, and the finest possible care. It is prudent that you are well equipped with some of the things that differ, between adopting or shopping for a new pet! To give you an outlook about it, here are 5 things to ponder before making the decision. If you know anyone who should know about this, PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH THEM!


1. Costs and Expenses

Adopting a pet is less costly than purchasing one. Depending on the breed and location, breeders can charge higher or lesser for a puppy. Not to mention the additional costs associated with the pet, such as immunizations, vet visits, and spaying or neutering fees. Most shelters will only ask you a nominal adoption fee, far less than the cost of shopping for a pet. Most pets at shelters have already been immunized, vaccinated, spayed or neutered, which is especially important if you are rescuing an adult pet. This saves a great deal of money, allowing you to focus on enjoying kisses and cuddles from your furry child.


2. Awareness of Breeds and Background Information

All details about the pets are documented by responsible breeders and pet store operators. They will supply you with official documents including the background information of the pet, which you can refer to whenever you wish to understand more about the breed, as this information is essential. They will inform you about the pet's habits, personal qualities, social behavior, health records, and breed features. But, as for adopting a pet, it can be difficult to find the particular breed you desire. Majority are mixed-breeds that’s why it is possible that you will have to move from one shelter to another, before finding the specific breed that you are seeking for.


3. Training of Pets

It might be tough to train a newly purchased pet, as they are still young and untrained. You may discover that your puppy continues to defecate and pee anywhere, no matter how hard you try to train him. He may also be fascinated with chewing your belongings, which will require a lot of time and work to break from. If you don't know how to teach a pet, you may need to invest in learning before purchasing one. As the majority of shelter pets have already received basic training, you won't have to spend much time training or teaching them different things. This is especially vital if you don't know how to perform good pet training or if your work doesn't allow you sufficient time to teach your pet.

 4. "Save" in Different Aspects

As said previously, some of the pets at shelters are rescued animals. Unfortunately, due to the large number of animals in need of rescue, overcrowding is a severe issue at many shelters. By opting to adopt rather than shop, you are saving a pet's life. Furthermore, when your pet departs the shelter, he frees up space for a new pet to take his spot. You have essentially saved the lives of two pets, the fact that they can rescue a new one. When it comes to purchasing a new pet, you’ll save time from locating shelters one from another to find your desired breed or species of a pet. However, you will not be helping the animals which might be put down, if they are not adopted after a long time at the shelter.

5. Can You Actually "Buy" a Pet?


Do we really have the right to “buy” pets, or in other words, can you “buy” a life? Some people might argue about the morality of being able to purchase a pet, for that matter. Either way, the most important thing is to be responsible for your pet that you just brought home. Whether adopting or buying a pet, it doesn’t end with just taking them in. Responsible pet care, in my opinion, is both attainable and valuable as it teaches you important life skills on how to care for another life. You have to be prepared to care for them through the whole of their life, and not just to own one for the sake of personal satisfaction.


Would You Choose to Adopt or Shop?

Both adopting and purchasing pets has its own set of things to consider. As a prospective pet owner, you should consider both alternatives to determine which one is best for you. Take some time to think about it, write down the pros and cons, and what points matter to you the most, before arriving at a decision. So which would you prefer? Adopt or Shop? Let me know in the comment section below! And remember, before buying a new pup home, our take is to always consider adopting one first!


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