Hi there friends! Do you have a Labrador or plan to own one? Or do you have  friends who are considering one? Here are 5 important things to take note when building the perfect home for your Labrador. If you know anyone that will benefit from this bite-sized article, then you MUST share this with them!!!


1. Consider the size and space

Labradors are considered medium to large sized pets and may need a house of their own. The doghouse should allow your Lab to fully stand up and move freely considering that male Labs stand between 22.5 to 24.5 inches and weigh 65 to 80 pounds, while female Labs stand between 21.5 to 23. 5 inches and weigh 55 to 70 pounds. The doghouse must not restrict your Lab to do what it does fondly; they are fairly active and need the additional space. Oh yes, don’t forget to spare a space for its food and water.


2. Use high quality material

A Labrador is a strong and energetic dog. It loves to play and move around even inside its dog house. Thus, you have to ensure that your dog house does not collapse when your Lab shows its playful trait. Since you want the best for your furry-friend, then you should only use the best quality materials like cedar and pine wood. Just remember to ensure the use non-toxic sealant or stain on the wood.


3. Use some insulation

If you want a doghouse that can endure any kind of inclement weather for your pup, make sure to use some insulation. An insulated floor and ceiling can help keep the heat out during the summer and in during the winter. Your Lab definitely deserves to stay in a comfortable place. Some great examples are fiberglass and foam. Just keep it behind some wood, so they don’t start chewing on it.

 4. Make it raised off the ground

Labradors, being bouncy and lively will more likely need to breathe more air. Structuring your dog house above the ground will allow the air to circulate freely. It also helps keep moisture and condensation off the floor.


5. Place it correctly

Building a strong doghouse is great but placing it correctly is equally important. Just like us, our furry friends are susceptible to sun’s harmful rays. Too much sun exposure can lead to sunburns and skin cancer in our animal friends. Thus, make sure that you put it in a place without direct exposure to sunlight generally with the entrance or large openings away from the East-West direction


So is the Labrador for you?

So these are 5 quick tips for you to consider when you are deciding to house your Labrador in its very own home. If you have taken these steps, then rest assured that your Labrador would love its new abode!


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