Hi there furball mommies! I know it is indeed difficult to scold your cat when you adore him. Even when he is misbehaving, he may be so adorable and snuggly that you don't want to shout at him or tell him what he is doing is wrong. There may be moments when your cat drives you insane, yet every attempt to educate him fails. If you learn the appropriate ways, you can teach your cat better manners, and I’ll be glad to help you learn 5 ways on how to discipline your cat. If you know someone who needs help, DO SHARE THIS WITH THEM!


1. Voice Method

When your cat does something that displeases you, using your voice to discourage them may be sufficient. Keep a stop term in mind and use it on the cat anytime it exhibits negative behavior. A simple “No” or “Stop” uttered loudly and firmly would suffice. Consistency is the key to making this work. Continue to employ these words for a long enough period of time, and the cat begins to associate that term with unpleasant behavior that must be stopped. It is necessary to use the same term and tone every time you reprimand him so that he can distinguish between discipline and general engagement.


2. Booby-Trap Method

To keep your cat out of cabinets and other areas where you don't want them to be, you may build up a trap for them that will frighten and scare them away. A "booby-trap" can be as simple as a bunch of cans tied down with a string and placed in front of an opening or space you do not want your cat to enter. When they attempt to enter the space, the cans will collide, and your cat will acceptably go the additional route. After a few times of being fallen into the trap, your cat is likely to lose interest in activities in the area. After experiencing the booby trap, he’ll identify that surface with danger or unhappiness and will not leap up.


3. Diversion Method

Is your cat tearing the leaf of your favorite plant? Divert their attention with a toy or another activity that will keep them from engaging in the nasty conduct. Once their interest has been captivated, grab one of his toys which they are familiar with. Cats will do things because of boredom, not because they are trying to be disrespectful. They may only require little attention and an activity to participate in. Hopefully, the diversion of interest will cause your cat to forget about the unusual activity that they were doing in the first place.

 4. Unpleasant Smell Method

This method is useful if your cat enters sections of your home that you don't want him to, or if he uses a room as a litter box. Certain aromas and fragrances are innately repulsive to cats. Some of them are orange peels, eucalyptus, aloe, wintergreen, citronella, and fragrances. You can soak a cotton pad or ball in one of these scents and place it in locations where you don't want him to go. The idea is to maintain consistency, so that they will realize on where is and isn't permissible.

5. Time Out Method


This is most likely one of the simplest methods for training your cat. It is most effective when dealing with undesired behavior such as jumping on countertops, climbing drapes, or clawing furniture. Take them away from the area if you spot them indulging in these behaviors. Ideally, you must put them in a place that is difficult for them to escape from and hard to move about. This boundarial restriction effectively informs him that he has been given a time-out due to the undesired outcome of his previous mischief. Given time, he will learn what is considered bad behavior and stop that activity in the future.


You are now an Adept in Cat Discipline!

There is no single method for correcting poor behavior in cats. What you do need is a lot of patience and trial and error, until you truly find one method that works most of the time. Do you want to address any strange behaviors in your cat? What are your thoughts on punishing cats? We want to hear what you think! Comment in the section below! And as always, if you are looking for a new cat for your home, consider adopting one first.


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