ATTENTION: All Pet Lovers & Owners!

Pet Owners Think That This Is One Of The Most Meaningful, Unique & Elegant Ways That You Can Memorialize And Preserve Your Memory Of Your Pets!

Discover How You Can Commission Your Very Own 100% Hand-drawn Custom Pet Portraits Oil Paintings At More Than 50% CHEAPER Than Normal Art Gallery Prices!

There’s An Elegant Way To Beautifully & Artistically Preserve Memories Of Your Pet!

Now let me ask you this... How would you or your loved ones feel if you know of a way that allows you to create a personalized and unique memento and keepsake that will be able to meaningfully memorialize and preserve your memories of your pet!

It would be AWESOME, wouldn’t it?

And I would like to share with you HOW TO DO IT, and most importantly, WITHOUT BURNING A HOLE IN YOUR POCKET!

But before that, let you briefly tell you WHO I AM & HOW I CAN HELP YOU!

Who I Am & How I Can Help You!

Hi! My name is Amber & like most of you, I’m an avid pet lover!

A pet is a source of joy, happiness and even a pillar of support for some of us.

However, nothing in this world lasts forever and everything will come to an end.  This means that our pets will also pass on one day...

Seeing this, I can't help but empathize with pet owners who have to bear the brute of the death of their loved pets.

As such, I have found myself a meaningful purpose!

My dedication is to help pet owners create their very own Unique, Artistic and Everlasting Memento in memorial of their pets!

Today, I have helped hundreds pet owners commission some of the Highest-Quality Pet Portraits that are 100% Hand Painted, be it as a keepsake in memorial of their late pet, or as gifts for celebratory events!

Here’s what some of them have to say about their newly commissioned paintings and me…

Just Imagine What Will This Painting Mean To You:

Unique, Personal & Customised Piece of Art

  • Wonderful Keepsake
  • Celebratory Birthday / Anniversary / Festive Gift
  • Memorialize Your Pet
  • Preserve Precious Memories & Special Moments
  • Relive Your Happiest Moments
  • Relief Sense of Grief of Your Late Pet
  • Consolation Gift
  • Gain Emotional Closure Towards Your Late Pet

Do Any Of These Resonate With You?I'm Sure At Least One Of Them Does!

I also know you may still have some questions in your head, such as:

  • How much will this piece of artwork Cost?
  • How Long will it take?
  • How do I ensure Quality of the painting?
  • What if I’m not Satisfied with the results at the end?
  • I already have photos of my pet, why do I need a painting?

How To Get High-Quality Realistic Hand-Painted Pet Portraits At More than 50% OFF Normal Art Gallery Prices!

I first started checking out the market prices for pet portraits when I was intending to create a portrait of my friend's pet as a gift to her. Her dog has passed away and I wanted to create a consolation gift for her. To my horror, these were the rates I found:

  • Art Gallery A quoted me $3235 for a 40 x 50cm portrait
  • Art Gallery B quoted me $2350 for the same size
  • Art Gallery C quoted me $1740 for the same size as well.

Guess which option caught my eye first? Yeah, that's right, I went for the cheapest possible option; Art Gallery C. But the artist was a very junior artist who had only very average skills! And Art Gallery A and Art Gallery B were way out of my budget and to be honest, the quality and style weren't much to my liking either. So at the very end, I didn't order any...But as I did more research and by sourcing and enquiring through referrals and networking, this is what I discovered…

The Secret Way To Get High-Quality Customised Oil Portraits At Low Prices!

Well… It’s actually quite simple… There're Just 2 Steps To How I Managed To Do It!

  • Direct Partnership With Artists
  • Bulk Order Discounts

By working directly with the artists, we have Saved Tons Of Fees & Commissions, which would otherwise be borne by the customers (That's You) and by consolidating our orders, we will then order in bulk with the artists, and we Saved another sum of money by getting Bulk Order Discounts, which will be enjoyed by the customers as well (That's You Again!).